Emily’s Revenge


"Oh, yeah? What’s it cost?"

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TV’s Revenge Comes to Marvel Comics: A Chat with the Co-Writer and Exclusive Artwork


ABC’s REVENGE is making the jump from TV to comics with an Original Graphic Novel out in September. REVENGE offers up episodic melodrama with a twist of mystery and suspense and a dash of soap opera which means it is pretty close to a comic monthly from Marvel already. In REVENGEtwo women are the lead characters - the revenge driven Emily Thorne and the complex villainous Victoria Grayson. The book’s subtitle, The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne, gives you a hint of the focus of the OGN. 

One of my favorite people Ted Sullivan is one of the shows co-producers and writers and he is co-writing the OGN with Erica Schultz, the writer of the award winning comic M3.  I chatted with Ted about the book, women in comics and what comic character Emily most resembles as well as the upcoming season of the show. Our interview as well as some new art from the book follow.


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Madeleine Stowe in “The Two Jakes”, 1990.


Madeleine Stowe in “The Two Jakes”, 1990.


I’m not going to launch those ships, Captain’s orders.


Madeleine Stowe Behind-the-Scenes of Her NewBeauty Magazine Cover


Now that’s what I call revenge.

Emily at the Green American Awards.

Woman? Is that meant to insult me?”

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